I.T Services

As an I.T. Department we provide the data and services you need to succeed as a business. We also provide your local retail counselor with the information they need to help you at the store.


As a customer you have access to information specific to your store(s) on our website:

  • News and Recalls
  • Store/Warehouse Movement
  • Statements, Invoices, Credits
  • Pricebook
  • Customer Specific Downloads
  • Plan-o-grams


We also provide support for placing orders directly from your PC or wirelessly by using a handheld mobile device which we can provide. You can view and save your order before transmitting it to us, to make sure that your items are available.

On the Shelf

We provide shelf-tags with all of the product that leaves our warehouse. We will also reprint damaged tags for you and send new tags when there is a price change. If you want to print your tags yourself, we have the software that will allow you the freedom to do so. We can also print/reprint shelf-talkers for advertising.


On our website you will have access to POS files for your Ad or regular price changes. These files are formatted to go into your specific system making price changes easier. We also do price verification to make sure your register has the correct prices for your store.

Personal Care

Our staff is available for you to call when you have an issue with the website, orders, tags, or equipment. Feel free to call for personalized service from people who care about your business.